• Onsite courses require pre-registration and cost $60 each (early rate) / $80 (late rate).
  • Onsite courses are scheduled for 3 August 2022.
  • Selected courses will be live streamed and available for purchase for participants who are not onsite in Bangkok


  • Online courses are included in the registration fee and will be available for all registered participants (onsite and online) to view on demand.

Onsite courses

Course title Course Directors Course Description
1. Forced displacement and mental health: urgent need for empathy and action Levent Küey, Turkey; Meryam Schouler-Ocak, Germany Click here 
2. Child & adolescent psychiatry – Updates 2022 Bennett Leventhal, USA Coming soon
3. Treatment in pregnancy Gihan ELNahas, Egypt & Florence Thibaut, France Click here
4. Alternatives to coercion Silvana Galderisi, Italy; Helen Herman, Australia; John Allan, Australia Click here 
5. Digitalization in mental health Wolfgang Gaebel, Germany Coming soon
7. Establishing empathy and common ground for clinical care Michel Botbol, France; Miro Jakovljevic, Croatia Coming soon
8. Genetics Roos van Westrhenen,  The Netherlands;  Fernando Goes, USA Coming soon
9. Fundamentals of psychodynamic psychotherapy Cesar Alfonso, USA;
Ruzyanei Nik Jaafar, Malaysia
Click here
10. Early intervention Swaran Singh, UK Coming soon

Online courses

Course title Course Directors Course Description
1. New drug treatments in psychiatry Kostas Fountoulakis, Greece Click here
2. Telepsychiatry competencies and challenges Davor Mucic, Denmark Click here 
3. Reducing mental illness stigma: evidence and experience Heather Stuart, Canada Click here
4. Physical illnesses in patients with severe mental disorders: current challenges and practical implications for professionals Andrea Fiorillo, Italy Click here