Sustainability at WCP 2024

Sustainability at WCP 2024

Embracing a sustainable congress experience

At WCP 2024 in Mexico City, we are dedicated to incorporating sustainable practices and initiatives that extend beyond mere slogans and lead to tangible accomplishments. We strongly believe that each of us has a responsibility to safeguard the future for generations to come, both on a local and global scale. With this in mind, we are purposefully planning our upcoming congress with sustainability at the forefront. Our commitment to the environment extends to every aspect of the event, encompassing not only the organizing team and committees but also our partners and delegates whom we warmly welcome.

By prioritizing sustainability, we aim to create a greener future for our planet and promote the well-being of everyone involved in the WCP 2024.

Sustainable Development Goals at WCP 2024

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs, also known as the Global Goals) are 17 goals with 169 targets that all UN Member States have agreed to work towards achieving by the year 2030. They set out a vision towards a more sustainable future and aim at tackling issues such as poverty, hunger and equality.

At WCP 2024 want to do our part to promote the achievement of these goals in our own value chain. The SDGs that we support and work towards are:

Being part of WCP 2024 – How can you contribute?

As individuals, as well as a community, each of us can and should contribute towards maintaining the natural ecological balance in the environment and preserving the planet and its natural systems and resources. Here is what we invite you to do as part of the WCP 2024 congress:

  • Use the mobile app (instead of printing) to inquire about the programme details. The application will be available several weeks before the congress.
  • Reduce the waste you generate and separate disposal
  • Opt for reusable mugs and bottles
  • Offset your CO2 emissions

As a participant of WCP 2024, you have the opportunity to make a difference in the fight against climate change by offsetting the CO2 emissions generated during your trip. Powered by the Thrust Carbon CO2 initiative, our user-friendly platform enables you to offset your individualized carbon footprint from your travel, meetings, accommodation, and more, as well as choose how your carbon offsetting will improve social and environmental conditions.

Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

At WCP 2024, we embrace the principle that well-being is not merely a desirable outcome but a fundamental core value that infuses every facet of our conference. As stewards in the field of psychiatry, our moral imperative extends beyond the clinical setting, compelling us to prioritize the well-being of our patients, colleagues, and the broader society. By integrating well-being into the core of WCP 2024, we not only advocate for the well-being of individuals but also contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world for all ages.

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

WCP 2024 is a melting pot of knowledge, attracting thousands of attendees to share, learn, and elevate the standards of clinical practice and ethics in psychiatry. Our commitment is to enrich the scientific program, ensuring it is accessible and inclusive, thereby fostering participation from diverse backgrounds.
We focus on enhancing educational value through a variety of formats suited to different learning styles, promoting an environment where every participant can engage and benefit. We prioritize inclusivity by offering scholarships and digital resources, ensuring those from underrepresented or economically disadvantaged groups have access to this wealth of knowledge.

Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

We are committed to advancing gender equality and empowering women and girls in the field of psychiatry and mental health. Recognizing the critical role of gender in shaping mental health outcomes and access to care, we strive to create a platform that amplifies the voices, contributions, and needs of women and girls. Therefore, an E.D.I.T. (Equality, Development, Inclusion and Transculture) Presidential Advisory Group has been established for WCP24, recognizing the evolving needs for inclusion of geographically diverse populations of different genders and ages. Our goal is to break down barriers to equality in the profession and ensure that our scientific program, leadership opportunities, and collaborative initiatives reflect the diversity and strength of our global community.

Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

  • We encourage all our exhibitors to join us in this initiative and reduce single-use giveaways at their stands.
  • All course materials will be available in digital format. Course attendance certificates will be sent electronically.
  • WPA branded lanyerds will be recycled and collected after use onsite.
  • Selective waste collection throughout the building (paper, combustible waste, glass and tins).
  • Containers for the specific types of exhibition-related waste in order to maximise recycling.
  • Recycled water bottles and degradable cups will be used by the catering.
  • Water dispensers will be placed around the venue. We strongly recommend participants to bring their own water bottle and refill it.