Stay with a Local Program

Experience Authentic Mexico City Hospitality

Experience authentic Mexican hospitality with our Stay with a Local program during WCP24. Apply now to enjoy a unique cultural exchange and save on accommodation costs.

How to Apply?

Please fill in the following link with your details and once we review the available housing options, we will notify you of your host’s acceptance and details.

Application Deadline: 31 August

Parcticipant Information

If you would like to stay with a local during WCP24, you first need to:

  • Be an Early Career Professional having no more than seven years elapsed since completing your specialist training.
  • Be registered to the congress.

Please note that the programme runs on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on the availability of the housing opportunities. Once assigned to a home, you will need to discuss any changes in your travel days and details directly with your host.

Experience the local Mexican hospitality while learning and making new connections

Cultural Immersion

Live with local hosts and experience the vibrant culture, traditions, and daily life of Mexico City first-hand.

Networking Opportunities

Build meaningful connections with fellow psychiatrists and mental health professionals in Mexico, expanding your professional network.

Cost Savings

Take advantage of affordable accommodation options,
allowing you to allocate more of your budget to other aspects of your trip.

Personalized Experience

Enjoy the unique opportunity to see the city from a local perspective, with insider tips and recommendations from your host.

Enhanced Learning

Gain insights into the Mexican healthcare system and mental health practices through informal discussions with your hosts.

Share the program with your peers

You know someone who would be interested in staying with a local host in Mexico City? Share this page and let them know about the opportunity!

Would you like to be a host?

If you wish to become a host and welcome a WCP24 delegate, you need to send a message to All local hosts who are willing to welcome a WCP24 delegate are eligible for a 10% discount of their registration fee.